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GDFD Learning Center has been providing educational services to our community as a non-profit since 2016. We are dedidated to provide high-quality distance learning expereince, better than traditional in-person education!


Small size, 4-6 students per section, highly interactive class

Fixed teach/classmates/schedule, progress personalized to students' needs

Students manage their own homeworks with parents know the status at any time


K-2: Wonders Reading/Writing Workshop. Rich content, well designed, published by McGraw hill, one of top 3 publishers in education.

3-6: Lightning Literature and Composition. Read one book every 1-4 weeks from all genere of modern English text like Charlotte's web, Alice in Wonderland, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Write a composition every 1-2 weeks, including poem, fictions, dialogue, and expository essay.

What Parents Say

Emily's Mom

Parent of grade K student

" Teacher is so enthusiastic! Emily does not want to leave the class every time. "

Jason's Mom

Parent of 1st grader

" Jason kept talking to teacher even after class. Sorry for that. "

Brian's Dad

Parent of 4th grader

" Brian hated writting assignments. It's killing me to pushing him finish his writing. It's like a miracle that he now write two essays a week all by himself, no pushing at all! "

Adrian's Mom

Parent of 5th grader

" Adrian likes his teacher from the very first class! He almost cried when I wanted him to leave the class earlier. "

Brief intro of some teachers


Grade K

Ms McMillan has six years' expereince in elementary schools and 2 years in online teacher. Her students all love this enthusiastic teacher. Ms McMillan has bachelor degree in early children's education and master's degree in Brain-Based Teaching in Reading and Literacy.


Grade 1-2

Ms Bryant has over 20 years of teaching expereince, including 4 years in online teaching. Ms Bryant is excellent in using music to engage students. Her students never get bored in class. She has her independent radio show in her free time. Ms Bryant has bachelor's degree in elementary education.


Grade 4-6

Dr Swanton got his bachelor and doctoral degree in Univ. Virginia. He has certification in English, history, geogaphy and social studies. He can speaks some French, Spanish, Chinese, and can act ask referee in ten kinds of sports. He was once a teach in a publish high school and increased the grades of his students from D to A-. Dr Swanson's proudest work is his daughter who is top 8th in national debate, full score in SAT, and graduted from Harvard summa cum laude


Grade 3-6

An engaged and compassionate educator, Dr. Kathryn has led one-to-one and small group classes with over 500 students, grades 3-12, and has over 15 years’ experience teaching. She holds a PhD from Stanford University, is a published scholar, and has taught undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford, Yale Drama, Florida State. Specializations include: Reading, Literary Analysis, Essay Composition, History, Grammar, Study Skills, Time Management, and Test Preparation.


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